E&T Research Institute grasps the needs of its clients, to offer the following services, focusing its efforts on the consignment business.

1) Studies and Research

Focusing on the fields of energy, nuclear safety, the environment, regional development and international cooperation, our institute employs a wide ranging network of intellectuals from the industrial, academic and governmental fields to conduct advanced studies and research to meet the requirements of our clients.

2) Consultation

We provide various types of consultation, including that for the analysis of information necessary for the business development of private corporations, strategic business planning and marketing, as well as planning the regional development of local governments.

3) Information Service

We provide the necessary information to our clients concerning such matters as technology and political trends, nuclear safety regulatioms to assist them in the development of their business and strategic business planning.

4) Supporting International Cooperation Projects

Our institute provides support, including that for the creation of schemes, various promotions and consultations, for projects of international cooperation for the governmental and private sectors in Japan which contribute on an international level, including those having to do with environmental problems and technological cooperation.