Areas of Study and Research

Regional Development
Regional Promotional Planning and Project Proposals
Electrical Power-Related Development in Regions and Preferred Social Systems
Problems of decentralization of power
Environmental Problems
Problems of Global Warming and the Creation of Environmental Business
Technology for Dealing with the Environment, and Recycling Problems
Trends Concerning Environmental Regulations, and Trends in Environment Problems on the International Level
Energy Problems
Support for the Adoption of New Energy, and the Development of Nuclear Energy
The Energy Industry, and Energy Technology
Energy Cost Evaluation, and Demand Forecasts
Nuclear Safety Issues
Nuclear Safety Regulations in Japan
Nuclear Policy Trends
Technological Development in General
Development of State-of-the-Art Technology, and Technological Evaluation
Views on Technological Development, and a System of Research and Development
Views on Policy in General
Technological Policies, and Industrial Policies
Regional Development Policies, and Energy-Related Policies
International Cooperation
Technological Transfer, Evaluation of the Technological Capabilities of Developing Nations, and ODA
Coordinating Cooperative Activities among Advanced Nations
Proposals for International Projects
Views on Industry
Analysis of Industrial Structures, and Measures for the Activation of the Manufacturing Industry
Measures for Fostering Regional Industry, and a Preferable State of Affairs for