The Purpose for Establishment

Aiming to establish a new kind of think tank to meet the needs of the times!

As we approach the new age of the 21st century, the world is undergoing great changes. With all areas, including economies, political structures, societies and cultures, becoming more and more internationalized, we are approaching a global era. And on the domestic front in Japan, not only are we undergoing great changes in the industrial structure, but also in the social system as well. In order to cope with such changes, as it is the objective of our institute to become an all new kind of think tank which can provide a wide range of services, including policy proposals to meet the needs of the times, business development for companies amidst the changes in the industrial and social structures, and consulting activities for the purpose of establishing the most suitable social system, using our administrative experience and a network of intellectuals from the industrial, academic and governmental fields, it is our hope to be able to even slightly contribute to the development of society.